Velocity After Hours: Inside Burning Man

August 22nd, 2014 | by Pikes Peak SEO
Velocity After Hours: Inside Burning Man
Velocity After Hours

Sure, we’ve all heard about BURNING MAN for years and all the MAYHEM that goes on during the prolific festival in the middle of the Nevada desert…but wouldn’t you rather hear it from those who’ve gotten BLACK ROCK dust in their britches first-hand? With the event coming up next week, Lea Luna and DJ Miss Audry thought it would quite fitting to talk with famed artist/musician George Peele aka ORANGE PEEL MOSES and Colorado based DJ MENTAL 69 aka Casey Strongle about their experiences on the playa and amazing plans for this year’s BURN. We’ve got lots of surprises planned for ya- including a LIVE IN-STUDIO PERFORMANCE BY MR. PEELE- so you want to make sure to tune in Friday!!

*Listen for the mix by JOMAN from the PLAYA 2013 after the interview* Yeah- we’re playing it again. ITS THAT GOOD! AND CONGRATULATIONS TO Neysa Berman & Kevin McCaleb who will be tying the knot on the Playa this year!

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