Deb Krier’s SociaLight

With Host: Deb Krier
Showtimes: Mon 10:00am.
Skype ID: deb.krier

Deb is the authority on Social Media, because she is in tune with the latest developments. How does Deb stay on top of all of the fast-paced changes in Social Media? Her secret advantage is that she talks to the biggest names in Social Media every week on Mile Hi Radio where she interviews influencers, users, and developers of Social Media.

She knows the latest trends, the up and coming changes, as well as the best practices in Social Media. This is an advantage that no one else has, and it’s why she’s the authority on up-to-the-minute Social Media information. She supplies this knowledge with audience, so they benefit from having the most current information.

Interested in being a guest on Deb’s Show? You’ll find an “Interview Request Form” on the Radio page on her website.

This show is on every Monday at 10:00 a.m. (MST) and is broadcast live from Atlanta, Georgia.