2014 Starlighting Castle Rock – Live Stream!

November 14th, 2014 | by Pikes Peak SEO
2014 Starlighting Castle Rock – Live Stream!
Castle Rock News

CRCO just announced they will stream this years Starlighting event in downtown Castle Rock from their Facebook page as well as StarlightingCastleRock.com.

“This is a big deal and we’re thrilled that we can serve those Castle Rock residents who would not have any other way to enjoy the festivities without the live stream. We’ve gotten feedback from the elderly, disabled as well as from those who cannot be in Castle Rock during the event and we were determined to bring a way for them to stream this years Starligting from the comforts of their home in full HD,” said CRCO CEO, Sean Hakes.

This years live stream is brought to you by the many of business leaders in the Castle Rock community who support the community development that CRCO is creating. To view a full list of sponsors please visit http://www.castlerockcolorado.org/sponsors/.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of our small business community. Castle Rock is really a special place and its without a doubt a community that comes together to fulfill the needs of others, it’s really great,” Hakes added.

Starlighting is a tradition that started in Castle Rock in the 1930’s. It’s the Towns paramount annual event that regardless of where you’re at, you can now enjoy.

For more information about Starlighting please visit http://www.castlerockcolorado.org/starlighting/.

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