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If your website is ‘stuck in a funk,’ and doesn’t ever seem to be progressing positively in Google then there’s a very good chance that your website suffers from Toxic SEO and its critical that you stop what you’re doing and hire a specialized expert like Sean Hakes from Sean Hakes Consulting, LLC.

Google Penalty Search Interest:

Take a look at the graph above. This represents the search interest for individuals and businesses like you seeking help online to fight off toxic SEO.

If your website is suffering from a quick loss in rankings or you have an SEO provider who is struggling to move your websites rankings in the right direction, you might be suffering from Toxic SEO which is why its critical you contact a non-bias 3rd party who specializes in Google Penalty Assessment and Removal like Sean Hakes, Owner and Senior Consultant at Sean Hakes Consulting, LLC.

Fact: Most SEO Companies Can’t Remove Google Penalties

If you have an SEO provider who claims they can help you lift a Google penalty, they are likely banking on your negligence and you’ll continue to pay your bill as usual. This is a common tactic and as a business owner, you need to fight back, find the problem, address it and create a proven plan that works.

Businesses as well as SEO providers both use Sean Hakes for their Google Penalty Removal needs. Sean has a proven track record identifying and successfully removing penalties handed down by Google.

As a specialist and expert in Google Webmaster Guidelines, Sean can easily identify and put together a comprehensive plan to remove the penalty or Toxic SEO.

Because of its popularity, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) as an industry is exploding. Because of this, more and more individuals and business alike are trying to integrate these services into their offerings regardless of their ability to deliver any kind of results.

Think of the SEO industry a lot like the real estate boom. There were a lot of buyers looking for homes so literally everyone got their real estate license. The same is with SEO. Because of its popularity, everyone feels they have to offer it to take advantage of the SEO boom.

No offense to real estate agents but SEO is substantially more complicated then finding and selling a home, partially because it requires technical knowledge in areas like web development (coding), search hacks for finding good link opportunities as well as a creative mind (not that real estate agents are not creative) which requires the ability to adapt to a dynamic world that changes almost daily.

Lets recap. Everyone is a self-proclaimed SEO expert. Got it? Good.

First, lets assume you haven’t hired an SEO company yet. If you have I still recommend reading through these tips but you’re more than welcome to skip down to section 2.


  1. SEOs are great sales people. They are typically, very creative and persuasive so regardless of how good they can talk, prepare yourself as they’ll likely make you feel like they’re going to sprinkle some magic SEO pixie dust on your website and all of the sudden change your business overnight.
  2. The proof is in the SEO, not the presentation. Who can argue with a good, well thought presentation? When your prospect SEO shows you fancy analytical graphs from traffic and rankings don’t just take their word for it, check for your self, Google the terms they claim their client ranks for and see if they do.
  3. Targeted Keywords. Anyone can get a small business ranked for long-tail terms like “Golden, Colorado Organic Grout Cleaners,” so make sure it’s a company who has the ability to get a website ranked for competitive phrases. For an example, if their portfolio client is a plumbing company in Denver, see where they rank for something like “Denver Plumbing.”
  4. How does your SEO Rankings Rank? This one might sound a little too obvious but think about it, if your SEO provider has troubles getting their website ranked for what they do (i.e. SEO) then how do you think they can get your website ranked well?  If you’re hiring a SEO provider in Denver, they should rank for keywords like ‘Denver SEO.’ A good rule of thumb is your SEO provider should rank well for keywords like: city name + SEO (i.e. Austin SEO, Denver SEO, Los Angeles SEO) etc… which gets into my next point…
  5. Rankings are a good start but that’s only half the battle. A lot of SEO spammers can get rankings fairly easily by spamming the search engines but typically, those rankings are short lived. You can use free link audit tools like or to evaluate links and determine if they look legitimate or not.
  6. Read Google Webmaster Guidelines.  [link] Boring right? Boring can save you thousands of dollars and believe it or not, you can get the answers to a lot of your questions answered. You might also want to check out Google’s SEO Starter Guide.
  7. References, References, References! Again, this one sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many small business owners trust the slick SEO salesperson. Ask for references and make sure they’ve been clients for at least a year with solid results. A lot of SEOs use their friends as references so be sure to check out the business and ask them how long they’ve been working with the company they hired. You might also want to run a link report using the steps outlined in section 5.
  8. Footer Links. There are a tremendous among of SEO providers who place links on their clients website back to theirs and no matter how they sell it to their clients, it’s unethical. If you notice this tactic, avoid them. They are using YOUR website to benefit theirs, it’s that simple. There are a lot of SEOs who rely on this tactic to get their own website ranked because they have no idea how to build links organically.
  9. Avoid Cheap SEO. You get what you pay for in the world of SEO. So what’s cheap? Lets say you’re a plumbing company in Denver, Colorado and a SEO provider pitches you $200 – $400/mo., it’s likely a spammer. Obtaining good results in a competitive market requires a lot of link building, content and social media (social media attracts new links & visitors).
  10. Guarantees = Red Flags. If any SEO provider claims they can get you to the 1st spot in Google, run for the hills. They only guarantee is either a complete money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied or if the SEO provider is willing to work for free if they cannot obtain some goal in a predefined amount of time.

When to know when it’s time to fire your SEO provider:

1. It’s been 6 – 12 months and your rankings haven’t moved much and/or are non-existent. This might be a shock to you but there are a lot of ‘SEO Providers,’ who deliver a slick sales pitch, take your deposit and monthly payments and do literally nothing. There are also SEO providers who are really doing your website a disfavor by spamming search engines which will likely result in a penalty or penalties.

2. Your SEO provider refuses to show you their link building tactics. Go ahead, ask your SEO provider to give you a full link report and outline the links they’ve created for you.

Link Building is a critical component to search engine rankings. A few of the most common reasons SEO providers refuse to show you their link development tactics is:

  1. Their link building tactics clearly violate Google Webmaster Guidelines and they’re embarrassed they put your plumbing company on a porn, or Cialis website or, they’ve misrepresented your brand and what you do and are hoping you don’t catch it. Remember, it’s all about rankings right?
  2. They’re doing nothing. There are a lot of SEO providers who are more than willing to take your money and do the bare minimum, which sometimes is nothing.
  3. Your SEO think they know more about your business then you do.

When to NOT fire your SEO Company:

When your brother in-law who claims you’re spending to much on SEO and can do it for much cheaper, even though your current results are good, really doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Your IT guy who also claims to be an SEO Expert is also trying to make a quick buck on your ignorance. IT & SEO are two completely different worlds and specialties.

Cheap SEO is just that, CHEAP. Again, not to beat a dead horse but cheap SEO usually results in terrible results and penalties.

I appreciate you taking the time to check out the Ultimate Guide to Avoiding a SEO Disaster, I’ll be sure to update this page often. I invite you to share your ideas and thoughts by commenting below.

About the Author:

Sean Hakes is an industry leading search engine marketer who has created and led the online marketing efforts for some of the largest brands online. Sean has created several highly successful SEO agencies which led to him serving as an independent advisor, working with small businesses manage their SEOs to ensure maximum success. In addition, Sean is the Owner of Velocity Radio and Trailer

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